Introducing Vlad Volt, the first character in the Shot One universe.

Vlad Volt, who we’re thinking is going to be Shot One’s own version of Ryu-The titular protagonist. A well balanced mix of agility and strength with a medium build, Vlad is part of Team Volt alongside his partner Volley Volt. His special attacks will also incorporate electric elements.

Here’s an earlier sketch:

As of now we’re talking about three core stats:

  • Strength (Which affects throw speed and knockback)
  • Agility (General movement speed)
  • Dash (Dash distance dependent on strength and agility stats)

We’ve also been discussing a parry style system like Street Fighter III to execute special attacks. As of now the main discussion seems to be focused around whether a single parry will enable a player to execute a special throw, or if we’ll start up a bar charging system that will be fueled by successful parries. This will have to be explored in the prototype stage.