Introducing Shot One, an addictive throwback cybersport title harkening to the golden age of arcades and an era where studios like Capcom and SNK where forces to be reckoned with. Shot One is a one on one arena based sports combat title set in an intergalactic arena.

The gameplay will be a mix of dodgeball and soccer in one on one arena matches. The emphasis will be on fast, addictive gameplay with a tangible learning curve.

The current team consists of the following:

  • Sirio Brozzi: Concept Art, Art Direction, Game Design.
  • Minty: Programmer, Game Design
  • Andrew Helenek: Animator, Technical Support, Game Design
  • Mafubash: Modeler.
  • James Ives: Developer, Web.

As time goes on we’ll be updating this blog with all stages of development. Stay tuned for more.